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Natural and delicious strawberry and chocolate dessert

Very beautiful dessert, which can be made as a gift or just pamper yourself and loved ones. It consists of chocolate to your taste (bitter or milky), dried strawberries and pistachios. Be sure to try to cook it! Ingredients for dessert: strawberries; chocolate; pistachios; form and baking paper.
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12 easy ways to update your spring wardrobe

In the spring, people take off their warm clothes and show off their new clothes. But sometimes, it is not necessary to run to the store. New can be made from well forgotten old. New dress from old things Dress is always good. After all, you do not need to think with what to combine it. A thing creates a complete image, and looks good on almost any figure.
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Exquisite embroidered brooch: 35 ideas for inspiration

Talented craftswomen are not limited to simple embroidery, but invent new and incredible ideas for using beads and stones. Let's say that by adding this piece of felt and cardboard to the backing, you can create your own embroidered brooch. This is an incredibly exciting process! The result is definitely worth trying to embroider your own brooch - just look at these wonderful ready-made brooches in the selection below!
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