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For the House and Cottages

Unusual furniture - a spectacular addition to the stylish interior

The times when cabinet and upholstered furniture did not differ a special variety forever in the past. Increasingly, in the setting you can find unique products that are practical, well-designed functionality and unexpected design. This does not at all indicate a high cost of producing one or another type of furniture, but rather a creative approach and the desire to stand out from the crowd and emphasize individuality.
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For a holiday

Stylish skirt for the New Year. Unusual and very beautiful ideas.

The closer the New Year holidays, the more relevant the issue of choosing a dress. At such a moment you want to look not only stylish, but also original. Take a look at the luxurious skirts, allowing you to feel like a fairy princess. Unusual and spectacular at the same time, they will be appropriate at a celebration organized in any format.
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7 exercises X 10 minutes a day = slimness for 4 weeks

It is sometimes difficult to choose exercises that will help to tone the abdominal muscles, or, for example, the shoulder girdle. It is even more difficult to find time to complete them! But there are 7 simple exercises in which absolutely all the muscles of the body work, and it will take no more than 10 minutes a day to train!
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Difficult decoration: decorative pillows for your home

A pillow is not only a necessary item for sleep, but also an accessory that allows you to completely transform a room. In ancient times, pillows were made from such unusual materials as wood and stone. Today we are accustomed to soft and cozy accessories of the most pleasant materials. But here in colors and shapes you can express your imagination!
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Health and beauty

8 shades of hair, which should not be passed by women of fashion

Spring is a great time for change. Have you decided to renew your hair color? Get acquainted with the eight of the most trendy colors in 2019, before going to the hairdresser. Pastel shades Remember popular hair crayons a couple of years ago? It's time to get them out of the box, because powdery bright colors are back in fashion. The only drawback of such shades is that before coloring it is necessary to lighten the hair.
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Garlic-lemon oil females: an unusual presentation of the usual dinner

Even using ordinary foods is easy to diversify the diet. A delicate lemon-garlic flavor will add spice to potatoes with chicken thighs. Cooking such a dish is elementary. It is suitable for a family dinner, and for a spontaneous event with friends. Based on Ingredients: Chicken Thighs - by the number of people present; Potatoes - 1-1.5 kg; Butter - 50-70 g; Garlic - 2-3 cloves; Thyme - a few twigs; 1 small lemon; salt and pepper to taste.
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