For the House and Cottages

Practical laundry basket at no extra cost

Practical and roomy basket with openwork weaving is easy to make yourself. The costs will be minimal, and additional storage will be added to the house.

For work you will need:

  • cardboard;
  • paper;
  • self-adhesive;
  • glue.

We start with the formation of the bottom. Cut out 2 rectangles, paste them self-adhesive. The perimeter of the upper rectangle should be 1-1.5 cm less than the bottom. This is necessary so that the weaving does not stand for the base and the basket looks more solid.

Screwing a sufficient number of tubes, lay the racks on the larger of the rectangles through equal distances, immediately putting them out of any glue.

When all the racks are laid out, we additionally grease them with glue around the perimeter.

Glue the top of the bottom and let the base of the basket dry well.

Raise the rack, alternately starting one after another.

For weaving the 1st row, we introduce 3 tubes. Weaving order here: two after the third.

When the tube ends, cut the tip obliquely and deeply push the next one.

We proceed to the creation of an openwork pattern. The essence of weaving here is as follows: we bent one rack in half with a tube bent and we get them behind the next stand and lead them outside.

Starting from 2 rows, weave a basket by inserting a cardboard frame inside. So weaving will be smooth and will work much easier.

At the end of each row we change the direction of weaving. Due to this, it turns zigzag.

For more dense strips that provide basket strength, weave 2 rows in a row in one direction. The 1st and 3rd racks at the same time face the working tubes, and the 2nd stand behind them. The pattern is periodically repeated.

At the end of the openwork weaving, we perform pruning, setting the tips under the pigtail of the next stand of the previous row.

We enter 2 sticks and continue weaving with the usual string. This will give the basket the necessary rigidity.

The last row is over. Cardboard frame has become unnecessary. Now the basket needs to be primed and varnished so that it lasts as long as possible.

More details about the basket weaving in the video: