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Unusual solution redevelopment odnushki area of ​​44 square meters. m

A family of three may not be very comfortable in a one-room apartment - I want everyone to have their own separate room, while maintaining the living room and kitchen. The creative family decided on an interesting and unusual alterations to odnushki area of ​​44 square meters. With the help of a small trick, we managed to increase the area to almost 50 square meters. m., as well as turn odnushku in a multi-room apartment! Here is how they did it.

Not far from the entrance door there is a combined bathroom and a small dressing room. But the main interest is the redevelopment of the room (spacious kitchen-living room) and a balcony.

Originally there was one room, a balcony and a kitchen. The family decided to proceed as follows: to separate the kitchen-living room with partitions, thus freeing up additional space for two small rooms. Thus, there is a small space for installing the sofa in the living room.

Opposite the living room - enough space to create a full kitchen:

In addition, each family member will have their own separate room, albeit a small one.

Parents' room with a large window and a bed:

The next room is the daughter. To create this room, the remaining living space was connected to the balcony, according to the laws. And although this is an expensive procedure, with its help the family was able to add to 44 square meters. m. additional 5 square. m. of living space, which at the market value came out much cheaper. To keep the room warm, the windows were completely replaced and warmed. Agree unusual redevelopment!

Read more about the redevelopment of odnushki see in the video below: