For the House and Cottages

Some interesting and practical ways to use cling film.

Appeared relatively recently, food film quickly became irreplaceable. Prudent housewives use it not only for its intended purpose. Often in use there are several rolls of film at once, and all because the spectrum of its use in everyday life is quite extensive.

What can a conventional food film

Going to the country, do not forget to bring a roll of film. Wrapping a chopper or shovel, it is easy to protect your hands not only from splinters, but also from corns.

The film will also help if you wanted to rest during the planting of the purchased seedlings. It is enough to wrap the roots with a damp cloth and then wrap them with a wrap. Similarly come with cut flowers, if the bouquet is not planned to immediately put in the water.

Brushes and rollers, wrapped with cling film, can be safely used even the next day. A film is also useful for closing a jar or a tray with paint residues.

It is possible to use a film during repair and differently. Having covered a wall with a freshly applied paint with a layer of a film, and then having removed it, it is easy to receive original stains. You can experiment with the color scheme endlessly, mixing not only 2, but also 3 colors.

Rid film and drafts. It is enough to impose it on the windows in those places where there are cracks.

Placing a roll with a film at the front door, you can always use it as a shoe cover.

Wrapping the plastic wrap shelves in the refrigerator, no longer have to worry about their cleanliness. Replacing the film is much easier than washing the refrigerator.

The film will also help when storing ice cream. Tightly wrapping the pack started, you can be sure that the crystallization of ice cream is not terrible.

Banana stalks wrapped in film will keep their freshness longer.

Want to quickly get a non-spillout? There is nothing easier. Just cover the cup with liquid with a film and add it with a straw.

By the same principle, you can build a trap for annoying midges. Inside the cup in this case, put a little pulp of a fruit, cover it with a film, and then pierce it with a fork or make cuts. Bringing the insects into the trap into the fresh air is easy.

Useful food film and for sealing bottles with liquid or creamy contents. Collecting a suitcase, in this case, do not have to worry about the reliability of the packaging of cosmetics.