Creative bathroom and kitchen decor: 13 towel holders that eclipse their beauty

Bathroom - the most visited place in the apartment along with the kitchen. It performs several functions, so the owners usually pay due attention to the design of the room. Today we want to provide you with a selection of unique and stylish towel holders that you can hang in the bathroom or in the kitchen.

Flower shelves

Flower shelves to do is not difficult, but they will please the eye for a long time.


Clothespins - a very stylish and unusual solution for the bathroom or kitchen. Glue them on the wall using double-sided tape.

Rope accent

Thick string is a simple rustic-style solution that will add a special style to the interior of your bathroom.

Stone restraint

No one except you will definitely have such a creative holder!

Sign language

Stylish and original towel holder

And a little more movement!

A little more originality in the interior of your bathroom. The main thing - do not forget about these holders at night and not be frightened in the dark.

Natural charm

This type of holder with elements of wood is particularly popular due to its natural motif.

Female decor

Beads is a very unusual solution for towel holders, which looks very fresh in the interior.

Steadfast soldier

Strict lines and functionality - the principles of modern interior design.

Leather accessories

These holders are in themselves the decoration of the bathroom

Play of light

Additional light source and original towel holder

Really hooks?

Very unusual option holders for the kitchen. For the most stylish hostesses!