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Turning an old bike into an amazing bike décor for your garden

You should not get rid of the old bike, it can be successfully used to create the original dacha decor. A vehicle thoroughly washed or disassembled in parts is capable of moving from scrap metal to designer decoration. Original examples are more than enough. Perhaps some will appeal to you.

Old bike is easy to turn into a part of a well-designed composition.

And this is a real carriage!

When creating this partition used only wheels.

This iron horse has become a real rainbow.

It is no accident that the bike is painted in red.

Nobody will prevent to use a bicycle as a basis under a bed and to change its filling at own discretion.

This decor is unusual, but cute.

You can even place the flowers on the pedals.

This bike parking is converted from normal to designer.

And this bike did become a huge butterfly.

The spectacular mini flowerbed looks original and nontrivial.

This flower stand is loaded to the limit.

In conclusion, several projects of professional designers. A sliding table by British artist Bill Saunders is on display at the Pasedena Art Museum.

And this miracle is designed by Italian designers.

It is possible that this project is based on a similar project.

No one will prevent you from realizing any of your favorite ideas or inventing something of your own.