Making a floor for a penny of wallpaper: looks original and beautiful

It is believed that the cheapest and most affordable flooring material is linoleum. Of course, it is impossible not to agree with this, besides, today there is a large assortment in stores. However, there is one much cheaper way to make a beautiful floor - use ... ordinary wallpaper for walls. Immediately you need to stipulate that the floors should be even, otherwise irregularities will be visible. The base should be concrete (not plywood, not fiberboard), then it should be poured, for example, with a screed, then leveled and puttied, as well as the walls, as further wallpaper will be pasted. Read more about the process of creating the very floor of the wallpaper, read and see below.

For work you will need the following materials:

  • wallpaper;
  • PVA glue in half with water;
  • acrylic lacquer;
  • tassel.

Getting Started:

1. Apply glue on a flat floor, also apply glue on a piece of wallpaper. Glue the canvas, as on the wall, align. From above for reliability we also apply a layer of PVA in half with water.

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2. At the end of the work we fix the floor with acrylic varnish (preferably 3-5 layers), let it dry.

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It is possible to wash the floor, it is not deformed. Of course, it is not warm, but if this is not an essential criterion, then the wallpaper floor has the right to exist, as the cheapest and most affordable option. Wallpapers can be selected under the tree, under the stone, with an interesting ornament - in a word, absolutely any, to your taste! These are the floors can be obtained from the wallpaper:

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For details on creating a wallpaper floor, see the video below:

A creative version of the floor of the wallpaper can be viewed in this video: