Incredibly beautiful roses made of clay and you can make them yourself

Humanity has been trying to create artificial flowers for a very long time. People have always wanted to repeat the beauty created by nature so that it pleased them for years. One of the attempts was made by the artist Carolyn Clayton, who received an order to decorate the windows of the most famous world brands. She described in detail the process of work. The girl used a professional kiln for roasting, but you can try to repeat her creations at home.

To create flowers from clay you will need:

  • Clay;
  • tools for sculpting;
  • metal sticks for the stem;
  • kiln (or oven)

One of the most difficult technological processes in creating such colors is their roasting. Ideal if you have access to a furnace that can warm up to 900-1000 degrees. However, most craftsmen can only rely on the oven. In this case, make the flower petals thinner and burn the finished product longer. You can use special grades of clay, which is sufficient roasting at low temperatures, they are sold in stores for creativity. The very principle of creating a decor is universal and suitable for home sculpting.

To begin with, prepare the clay so that it is like a very stiff dough by its consistency, and then roll it on the surface. It is convenient to work on linen fabric or oilcloth.

Cut circles for future petals. You can use not only a special form, but also a cup or jar. For one flower will need 8-9 petals.

After that, begin to sculpt the petals. At the base they should be thinner than at the edges.

Form a core from the first petal, twisting it into a spiral. Bend the upper parts slightly.

Attach the three petals to the middle, as shown in the photo. Then bend their edges and tuck them.

Add the remaining petals, holding them overlapping each other.

Connect the bud and try on a metal stalk.

Cut off the extra clay. After that, the buds are sent for drying.

Dry roses before roasting should be at least 3-4 hours. After that, you can send them to the oven. The firing time depends on the type of clay and the maximum temperature. In an ordinary oven, which warms up no more than 350 degrees, you will need about 12 hours. After this, the products should be allowed to cool directly in a closed oven, and only then be taken out.

And here is how clay flowers look after painting. In the company of green leaves, they seem alive.