For the House and Cottages

Practical stand that can become a highlight of the interior

An interesting seemingly practical stool-stand that can become a special decoration of the interior is easy to make from the improvised material remaining during construction or repair. You can install everything on it: from an aquarium or flowers to versatile interior compositions or figurines.

This stand can be safely called universal. Taking the existing technology as a basis, you can come up with your own design variant, changing not only the shape and height of the product, but also the material of the legs.

For the manufacture will need:

  • remnants of cement, gypsum or ceresite;
  • old basin or any other container;
  • piece of oilcloth;
  • several cuttings for the instrument;
  • paint.

To begin with, we determine the length of the legs of the future stool and their number.

Cut a wooden stick in the right places.

Choosing a container that is suitable in shape and size, we fill it with cellophane.

In the absence of ready-made solution, we do a small batch by ourselves

We adjust cellophane in such a way as to ensure tight adhesion to the edges of the mold.

Fill the form with a solution.

Insert the legs, without waiting for drying, and fix them in the desired position with scotch tape or masking tape. Leave alone until complete solidification of the solution.

We turn over, we get rid of the form, the remains of adhesive tape and cellophane, we paint in the chosen color and we allow to dry.

You can install this stand anywhere. Deciding to use it as a garden decor, wooden legs can be replaced with metal ones.