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15 household tricks that greatly facilitate your life

Unpleasant little things can deliver a lot of inconvenience and spoil the mood. Fortunately, small tricks will help to cope with the problem or to prevent it. We present you a selection of 15 household tricks that will greatly facilitate your life.

1. The usual stationery gum will help the spoon not to roll down from the edge of the pan.

2. If you want to set fire to a candle, but there are no matches - it does not matter! You can use spaghetti from the kitchen.

3. If you warm the citrus in the microwave, squeeze the juice out of them will be much easier.

4. Have you broken a glass in the kitchen? A piece of bread will help to quickly collect fragments.

5. Do you want to cut the cheese into thin slices? Use a knife for cleaning vegetables.

6. Corn can be cleaned directly in the baking dish.

7. To measure exactly one spoonful of sugar or flour, stick a thin strip of adhesive tape to the package.

8. Can't open the lid on the can? Use office gum.

9. Place a damp paper towel under the board and it will not roll around the table.

10. Did you know why there is a number 57 on the bottle of the famous Heinz ketchup? If you knock on this figure, the ketchup will flow faster.

11. When buying a new candle, put it in the refrigerator for several hours. So the candle will burn longer.

12. Install coat hooks on the sides of the bin, so the garbage bag will hold tight on the bucket.

13. Deep bottles can be easily cleaned with shredded egg shells.

14. Want to decorate freshly baked muffins in a beautiful and unusual way? Use lace for powdered sugar.

15. Do not throw away the greens that are left over after cooking a light salad. Dry the herbs in the microwave and use it next time.