Not expensive transformation of the bathroom, using one simple method

Putting a tile in the bathroom is not easy. Such work requires serious financial and time costs. In addition, there will be a mess in the apartment for a long time - plaster and putty will stay on the furniture for a single day. The author of this rework decided to go in a simpler way, and simply covered the old tile, the form and condition of which he was completely satisfied with, odorless waterproof glossy enamel. Today, these paints are available in almost any large construction store. For their application do not need primer. Make sure your tile has no cracks. Replace damaged tiles with any matching ones. Pattern and color can be neglected - the paint will cover everything.

The only strict requirement: the tile must be clean and dry. To speed up the drying, the walls were treated with alcohol. Cover surfaces that will not be painted. There is not much space in this bathroom, so the flower pattern was not particularly appropriate. Too much ornamentation made the space even closer. The seams between the tiles eventually darkened. Paint solved all the problems.

The master was thoroughly prepared for repair, gluing and covering all surfaces on which paint is not needed.

Paint is applied in three layers. Each must dry at least four hours. The tile itself is more convenient to paint with a roller, and the seams with a brush.

Any drawing will hide under three layers of paint! To serve such a repair will be at least three years, and then the paint can be updated. If you wish, you can even change the color of the walls. Before a new repair, the walls are treated in the same way as unpainted.

The result was a bright and more spacious room, which took a couple of days to repair and several cans of paint.