For the House and Cottages

Ideas for cardboard furniture that are surprisingly practical.

For a comfortable life a person needs furniture. Unfortunately, circumstances are different: rental housing, summer cottage, room in a dormitory, or an extremely limited budget. In some conditions, to spend money on a table or cabinet means to deny yourself the necessary. Fortunately, human imagination knows no bounds, and someone came up with the idea of ​​making cardboard furniture. This material will certainly not last for many years, but in some situations it can help out. The fragility is compensated by the low price of raw materials and ease of operation. To provide additional strength, glue together a few sheets, and go!

An excellent device for working at a laptop can be made from any strong box. The back walls will give the legs greater stability and durability.

The "asterisk" option is a complete workplace. For such constructions to glue together you need at least 5-6 sheets.

The original bookshelf in the nursery is made of cardboard glued in dozens of layers. The facade can be pasted over with film or painted.

The advantage of cardboard is the ability to create smooth lines and bends. Since the load on the shelf will be small, you can leave it thin and elegant.

An alternative to storing items in boxes. Clothing is protected from dust and is not wrinkled.

More difficult option requires serious measurements, but the costs are minimal!

Smooth lines are not a problem. You can create a thing in any style.

A cardboard sofa with proper calculations can withstand the weight not only of a child, but also of an adult.

Successful painting will mask the nuances of the material.

The case when you do not have to pay extra for rounded facades.

The design of this chair is designed so that it can withstand the weight of an adult man. You will need only one layer of cardboard.

A small life hack: if there are not enough materials for several layers, make a gasket between layers of cardboard “accordion”.

A quick solution to the problem of lack of chairs.

Super budget option bubble chair.

Such a base can be covered with a bright blanket and soft pillows, and no one will even notice that the chair is cardboard.

Good shelving is needed in any home.

Fireplace in a city apartment? This - easily!

Another variation of the chair. Complicated weave provides stability.

Decor rather than furniture. However, it is cardboard that allows you to play with the form.

Simple, but, nevertheless, very comfortable chair. Bonus - footrest.