A few tips to help you choose the right shoes.

Many women dream of that cherished pair of "hairpins", which can be worn without removing. It should be beautiful, fashionable and very comfortable. Some tips may help to implement it at least to some extent. Follow these simple tips so that shoes bring you only joy.

Everyone knows that shoes should be selected in size. But there are many nuances that should be considered when buying. Even in an adult, foot size can vary depending on various factors. For many people, oddly enough, one foot is more than another. Therefore, you should try on both shoes before buying.

Fitting shoes is better to produce in the evening. After all, if your legs are swollen, shoes, bought in the morning will be cramped. The foot should not be constrained, especially this rule applies to shoes made of artificial leather and other synthetic materials. You should not endure the inconvenience, hoping that new shoes are spread.

If you can not try on a pair of shoes, but want to find out if it suits you, the following advice can help. Put on thin socks and stand on a sheet of paper. Circle the mark on the paper and cut it. These traces will put on the insole of the desired pair - they should fit inside without bending around the edges.

High-heeled shoes require a special approach. The foot should fit snugly to the shoe, without slipping on the sole.

Many shops offer to try on shoes on special mats. Remember, on them any pair will seem more comfortable to you. Be sure to walk around the room, stepping on a hard surface to assess the current state of affairs.

When buying shoes with very high heels, lightly push on the rise. It is important that the heel does not slide back after such manipulations - this may indicate a poor-quality shoe.

Insole quality shoes should be removed. Check that there are no rough seams or other uncomfortable parts on the inner surface. Pay attention to whether there are straps, buckles and other decorative parts that are stuck into the skin.

The sole of any thickness must be flexible. If you can not bend it in the area of ​​the sock, walking in such shoes is dangerous for the joints.

Pay attention to the back of the shoe. When pressing on the backdrop should not remain dents, it should not be too soft.

Slippers should not be chosen as shoes for constant wear - they form the wrong gait. It is better to give preference to sandals, fixing the leg with a strap.

There are also situations in which it is important to achieve full fit shoes to the foot. For example, natural suede is very fast and well-worn. When choosing shoes from this material, never take a pair more than the required size even on the floor.

Shoes with fur trim inside also fit strictly on the leg. The fur can roll a little. In winter boots with a fur tops, it is better not to cut the fixing gum before the fur part settles.

If you decide to buy shoes with a long nose, leave a few centimeters free in the toe part. So the foot will not be deformed when walking.