Design and Architecture

20 common items that received a full update

Designers every day come up with a "new look for ordinary things." Thus, interest in the product increases and, accordingly, sales increase. Unusual in the usual - this is the slogan that guides good designers in their work. If you thought that you had already seen everything that was possible, then you most likely made a mistake: a selection of 20 ordinary things, improved by designers, will prove to be the opposite!

This chocolate is divided into unequal parts, and each of them contains the exact proportion

Not a plate, but a real work of art: it is transformed into a picture, if you pour, for example, soy sauce on the bottom

Wedding rings, on which the prints of the bride and groom are engraved. Great idea!

Want to play home? Then get this design plate ... flies. Every family member will fail to catch the annoying insect.

An unusual frying pan will delight you and your guests: when you pour oil on it, it gathers into a hexagonal shape (of course, then it disappears when you start cooking something)

The dome for fish: now the fish can swim higher and "look", what happens there, above sea level, on land, in people's lives

Funny picture is an illusion: on the one hand - a beautiful unicorn, and in the mirror - a wonderful horse. What to believe?

These bicycle wheels will never have to be pumped up, because they are created in such an original and sustainable design.

If you need to draw any formula, just use this notebook!

Do you think this is Brussels sprouts? No matter how wrong! This is a masked chocolate, especially in case children do not spoil their appetite before eating.

What do you think it is? The answer will surprise you: this is a honey pearl. Now, to sweeten the tea, you do not need to get honey from the jar with a spoon - just add honey pearl to the cup

This is a truly creative and cool design of the refrigerator: the shelves inside not only look stylish, but also able to rotate!

Designer sink of one of the restaurants. It is difficult to estimate the depth due to such a luxurious pattern.

Sudoku lovers will appreciate: now you can play your favorite game ... with colored balls. They replace the usual sudoku numbers

Australian designers come up with a creative design ... pads. On their reverse side are placed interesting and informative facts about everything in the world.

This manhole was found in America. And it is made in the style of the ancient Aztec empire

The design of napkins and plates in one Japanese restaurant is surprising: one is a logical and ideal continuation of the other.

The trademark of this bottle of water is, in fact, the mountain from which this water was extracted. Very cool design!

These bottle caps are ideal for camping and fishing: they show the coordinates of cool points for relaxing.

The design of this “curve” spoon is designed in such a way that you can place the spoon directly on the cup. Or a plate