Yarn + braided wire = awesome things for home

Yarn is a very soft material, and if we need to get a soft thing, such as a scarf, sweater, hat or socks, then no additional materials, except yarn, will be required during knitting. But if we want, for example, to crochet a basket, the construction will turn out to be much more stable and dense, if we add “support” to the yarn - wire braided for creativity, wire, clothesline, rope, rope, etc. can play its role. P. By the way, if you crochet a USB cable or headphones, they will serve you faithfully for a very long time.

The technique is quite simple, and it begins with the creation of a magic amigurumi ring. We make a ring and knit it into 6 columns without single crochet in a circle.

We do not tighten the ring very tightly by the tip of the yarn, we begin to knit the second row - we knit 2 columns in each loop without single crochet. Thus, the number increases from 6 to 12 loops.

We knit the third row in the following way: in the first loop we knit 2 SBNs, in the second - one, and so we repeat until the end of the row.

We knit the last, fourth row as follows: in the first loop we knit 2 PBTs, in the second and third we knit one, and so on until the end. If you need to make the thing more voluminous, then continue to increase the number of loops in the row and further.

We begin to attach the wire in the braid (instead it may be a wire, a clothesline, a rope, a rope, etc.). We knit a column without nakida, but not until the end, the last movement with the capture of yarn crochet do not. We have two loops on the hook.

We attach the wire so that it lies on top of the working thread and comes out to the side a couple of centimeters from knitting. Then fix it inside.

We make the last move to tie a single crochet column: grab the working thread and pull it through two loops on the hook. The wire thus remains inside the knitting, it is held by the thread.

This is clearly seen from the back:

So, we knit the first row of 1 STB in each loop, at the end grabbing the working thread from above over the wire or cord. Knit to the end of the row. In the process of knitting, we straighten the wire braided inside. Since it is flexible, it is easy for it to give the desired circle shape.

In this technique, you can link the dense things that will keep shape.