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Toilet bombs: no chemical smell, and make it easy

Today, stores offer a huge amount of all sorts of means for cleaning the house, including “chemistry” to clean the toilet. However, as a rule, it has a very strong, pronounced chemical smell, and the effect of its use does not last very long. We suggest you try to make your own natural toilet bombs "Freshness". They have no chemical smell, the effect lasts for a long time, and make them easier than ever!

For toilet bombs you will need:

  • baking soda 1/2 cup;
  • citric acid 1/2 cup;
  • essential oils of choice (oils of lavender, tea tree, lemon are well suited);
  • silicone baking tins;
  • some water.

Bombs are made very simple:

1. Mix soda and citric acid, add about 10-15 drops of various essential oils. Then start to add a little water - literally a tablespoon, until the consistency is a bit stuck - this is necessary in order to fit it tightly in molds.

2. Spread in tins, tightly tamping with a spoon. Wait until the water is completely dry. The bombs will rise a bit.

3. Remove the bombs from the mold, put one in the toilet. She will start to foam, and the room will be filled with the pleasant aroma of lavender, lemon, tea tree.

4. This is how bombs look like. Use them as needed. Store in a bag in a dark place.