Round vests and cardigans - openwork perfection, giving warmth

A round vest is a unique opportunity to create a light, unburdened look. Openwork and warming at the same time, he will occupy a special place when choosing bows. Such a self-sufficient stylish thing can be worn not only in winter, but even in summer. Much here depends on the choice of threads for knitting.

For those who can crochet knitting scheme seems elementary. In fact, this is a huge napkin with slots for hands.

This spectacular cardigan is also based on circular knitting.

Original models allow you to look stylish. Wearing a spectacular openwork cardigan, it is easy to stand out from the crowd and emphasize your individuality.

Such models allow you to experiment with color. Contrasts are as relevant here as the gradient effect.

Monochromatic openwork looks stylish and noble.

Circular knitting looks spectacular in both openwork and denser things.

More details, as well as schemes for knitting the models you like, can be found here.