For the House and Cottages

Non-standard use of PVC pipes: and every scrap becomes necessary

PVC pipes are an excellent material for modeling. Lightweight, well treatable, they are assembled in any design. This allows you to create on their basis a variety of things. Sometimes the pipes are complemented with transitions, and it also happens that they simply complete their trimming between themselves, obtaining unique functional products. Due to the fact that PVC perfectly tolerates cold and temperature differences, pipes can be used not only indoors, but also outside. It is worth seeing how many ideas are implemented through the use of PVC pipes to appreciate this material.

Elegant coffee table with PVC base is great for loft style

Laptop stand - elementary and functional

Territory of childhood: when splashing is allowed!

Comfortable awning for the car

The stylish frame of the remains of pipes of different diameters is original.

And this is a frame for a real house, it can be used both for children’s games and as a refuge.

Stand for a hairdryer with a curling iron: simple, convenient, functional

Awesome design for young lovers of water treatments

A festive wreath may be so

Storage system for strong drinks

Do not be surprised! Pipe trimming is also used to create these stylish flowerpots.

And these are already toothbrush holders.

Just a few scraps - and a storage system appeared on the inside of the door.

The target frame is far from the limit. You can put anything you want on the shield

And this is a flowerpots

Self-sufficient PVC partition allows for zoned space

Adapt PVC pipes easily and under bookshelves