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A charming remake of an old dresser - an idea worthy of admiration

Always happy successful examples when people give new life to old things. If you have any unnecessary furniture in the country, in the garage or in the closet, do not rush to throw it away, but look at the ideas for its alteration. Among such successful alterations was one old chest of drawers - the craftswoman breathed new life into it, and now it, updated, pleases the household even more than before.

It looked like a chest before rework:

And this photo is after rework:

In order to achieve this result, a lot of work has been done. To begin with, the chest of drawers was disassembled in detail, the front walls of the drawers were removed, polished, masked bumps, and the old legs were replaced with new ones.

New, stylish front front walls of drawers were made from a piece of plywood. To do this, the plywood was cut into equal parts corresponding in width-height-thickness, the desired pattern was transferred to them and holes were drilled.

The final touch is the stain, varnish, attaching the front walls to the drawers and the final assembly of all the details. At the end of the dresser was not to know! How do you like the result?